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Portal/Corporate Portal

Portal/Corporate Portal
About Provide high quality platform for Portal or Corporate Portal. Friendly navigation, unlimited articles (Blog), product calatog/eCommerce feature, product filters, detailed priduct information.
Key Portal Website Design. Our website designers understand exactly how to create a site for your target audience and to increase conversion and get more visitors.
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A portal provides access to its users to utilize resources and services. There are two types of portals: public and private. A public portal is like a major search engine such as Bing or Google. These websites are segues to information. A private portal works similarly, but it’s not open to everyone to use. Many corporations use private portals for their employees because it allows them to access information they need to know about their jobs.

Portal development

We use php-frameworks CodeIgniter, YII, Phalcon
Exclusive design
Coding (HTML, CSS, PHP, C++)
Template layout
Project budget starts at $ 10 000
JavaScript frontend development
Backend programming
UI/UX design

Our clients


You fill out the form Submit a request


Create your objectives


Define your Portal features


Develop website design


Portal working strategy


Website tune up


We present you Portal layout


Final website corrections and setup


Transfer website to you hosting provider. And start your Portal