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Local SEO for your business

Local SEOLocal SEO is a special technique by means of which a site can gain visibility and be indexed by the engines. It will undoubtedly result in higher rankings on search result pages.
With different local SEO strategies, the website can receive a natural listing for a few keywords. These keywords are supposed to be mentioned in special geographical locations. They should also illustrate the initial drop-out pages.

Local SEO benefits
Local SEO packages can be afforded guaranteed results. Communication and constant updates are provided to customers through messages, pictures and production tracking.


This is a platform for integrating with Google Analytics as well as tracking and recording telephone calls.
Advanced analytics and reporting integrate with Google Analytics for calculating and creating conversions.
Different local SEO services start with initial information gathering and discussing it with their customers. After this the following SEO strategies come into play:

  • The custom-made website optimization;
  • Research and analysis of suitable keywords;
  • Submission and optimization in Google Places;
  • Submissions by search engines;
  • Submissions management in web directories;
  • Customer reviews submission;
  • Bookmarking in social media;
  • Marketing and optimization via podcasting;
  • Organic link building.

There exist different methods by virtue of which local SEO may be performed on a web resource for raising the rankings in search engines and gaining a high visibility on drop-out pages. These methods are:

Website submission to search engines is necessary

It is the easiest source for local SEO conduct. Submitting the website to popular engines such as Google and Bing would magnify the web visibility chances to a large extent. In addition to this, a few local engines might be applied for the submission of your website such as the Norwegian Kvasir, the Chinese Baidu or the Russian Yandex.

Creating the user-friendly site

Metadata should be accurate. The web resource needs to be created in the manner that follows Google Webmaster guidelines. It is necessary to avoid using too many keywords in order for the titles and descriptions to be natural. The best method lies in scanning keywords that are used on your rivals’ website.

Implementation of Google Analytics

It is the most useful free tool on the web. With its help, web traffic tracking is possible after the code is made alive. The complete data include the exact quantity of website population as well as their browsing time location and the source they arrived from.

Building Google+ Local Business Page

Most visitors look for business locations they are interested in the Internet. In case of having a personal Google+ Local page, one may add the website and business information to the Google directory. After this, the directory manages proposals, photos, videos, details and service or product descriptions gradually uploaded by you.

Social Profile

A social network profile ought to be created on such popular social media platforms as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn and many others in order to get trustworthy links. It aids in gaining helpful conversions.

Putting Google Awards into play

When cooperating with Google Awards, it is possible to set highly suitable keywords for being at the top of Google engine. Every time your advertisement is clicked you pay Google. It will aid you in reach your target audience. Since you will be at the top of Google, your branding will greatly improve.

Local listings by means of directories

Have your website mentioned in directories. The directories are local for receiving high traffic by means of relevant inbound links. Most of the directories are not paid. They allow you to increase a quantity of potential clients who will go to our website many more times. Some web directories which can be applied are HotFrog, Qykpe, Scoot, Yell, SmileLocal, Bing and Yahoo.

Community involvement

Create local forums. Let your website users go to them. It will assist you in creating a bridge between the users and forum owners whom active communication is possible with.

Optimizing Mobile SEO accessibility

In the modern technological world local business is more aimed at mobile searches owing to the fact that higher conversion rates are attained by means of using much more local terms. Thus, the site ought to be optimized for mobile use. If it happens to be slow on a small screen, it is possible that a user could switch on to the competitor’s web resource.

Adding buttons related social sharing

A link to Google+ Local ought to be added to all pages of your website additionally to other social network buttons. Also, email address and phone number should be added on every page.
Implementation of webmaster tools
Website related issues may be identified by Google and Bing webmaster tools.

Uploading of pictures

Pictures connected with your business ought to be uploaded to local directories. It’s not proficient. Nevertheless, decent pictures may aid you in getting extremely good exposure meant for your business.

Collection of reviews

Regularly take customer reviews in local directories. Positive or negative, they will make your business suitable for your regular or potential consumers.

Starting to hold company blog

It is necessary to write a blog on promotional channels. You should also circumscribe your company services, your team and industry in general. This all will aid you in creating your business awareness in customers’ minds. It is possible to use different popular platforms to achieve this goal such as Tumblr, BlogSpot, WordPress, etc.

Providing consistent information

When adding information related to your business or website into a local directory, it is necessary to ascertain that the details are correct within the frameworks of description, telephone number, address, links, email address and the business name.


I’m really pleased with the service and assistance I received from Vadim at Sem Empires. He clearly identified where improvements could be made to our site and provided clear direction for our site and ongoing campaign. I understand now that SEO is not a single, one-time thing, but a constant process. Vadim has made things both understandable and achievable!
Before contracting for Web Development and SEO work with Sem Empires, my practice’s site was not ranking on search engines. The new website and Search Engine Optimization work has now made my practice rank online. I have new patients that I can directly link to the website. I’m very happy with the results and advise anyone looking to grow their business to speak with Sem Empires.
Neurology Pain Treatment
Neurology Pain Treatment
Special thanks to Sem Empires for a thorough SEO job. The initial audit was very detailed showing many areas of that could be potentially improved upon. Sem Empires provided great suggestions on how to improve our site. From this report, we were able to complete the necessary changes needed to improve my rankings.
Saddle River Funding
Saddle River Funding
Being found online is very important for my firm. Sem Empires helped me redesign my site and develop an SEO plan. My new website increased conversions and also, due to the SEO work, was on the first page of Google! Thank you for all your help!
Special thanks to Sem Empires for a thorough SEO job. The initial audit was very detailed showing many areas of that could be potentially improved upon. Sem Empires provided great suggestions on how to improve our site. From this report, we were able to complete the necessary changes needed to improve my rankings.
Derm 101
Derm 101

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