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Display Advertising

Advertise your business effectively with display ads. Online banner advertising works because people are attracted to beautiful images and when those images promote a product or service they need, they click on them.

What’s a Banner Ad?

A banner ad is a rectangular graphic that is positioned at the top of a website going from left to right, or on the side going from top to bottom. When the ad is horizontal, it’s also known as a leaderboard, and when it’s vertical, it’s called a skyscraper.

How Internet Banner Advertising Works

The person hosting the advertisement is paid with one of these three ways:

  1. Cost per impression
  2. Cost per click
  3. Cost per action

Cost per impression – host is paid for every visitor that sees the ad.

Cost per click – host is paid when a visitor clicks on the ad.

Cost per action – host is paid whenever a visitor clicks on the ad and completes an action like a signup form or make a purchase.

What Makes a Banner Advertisement Effective

You need to grab people’s attention with a banner ad. This happens when they can read the message of it quickly. The service or product must jump out at the reader. The business name comes second if it doesn’t reflect what it sells. For example, if your business is Cars R Us, people know you sell cars, so it’s okay that the business name is the biggest text in the ad. However, if your business name is Holland’s Best, you shouldn’t use it as the biggest text because people won’t know what you’re selling by reading that. You need it to say “Buy a Car” or something like that.

Contact information is important or action-oriented text should be included. A phone number, a website’s URL, or call to action such as “Order Online” or “Click Here” are all great ways to get people to click on the ad.

Investing in Quality Banner Advertisement for Less

Banner advertisements can cost a lot of money, and the truth is that they shouldn’t be so expensive. You need a few ads to be successful at Internet banner advertising. We want to help you succeed by providing multiple ads for less than the competitor. Simply call or email us to find out more about how you can take advantage of our cheap banner advertising services.

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