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Banner Design

The attractive banner design is important to the success of your online advertising. People won’t look at an ad if it doesn’t jump off the page. Something in the ad has to grab their attention, and it has to keep it for long enough to get them to click on it.

What Is a Successful Website Banner Design

The design of your banner depends on your site. Two types of banner designs are available:

  • Leaderboard

The leaderboard banner is one that stretches from the left to right side of a website.

  • Skyscraper

The skyscraper banner stretches from top to bottom.

These banners don’t run the entire length or width of the webpage but are a good size to be seen by visitors.

The size of a banner is the first part of the design. Once that’s determined depending on the site’s design, the colors and theme of the banner are decided on next. It’s important that a banner match the brand of the business. People notice brands and they remember them for when they need to make a purchase.

Banners need to be simple though, so people can get the message quickly and easily. Different sizes of text are used to make the message easier to read. For example, the business name, product name, or contact information is placed on the banner bigger to draw attention. The smaller text (but still a good size) provide details. It’s what makes people click on the ad, which delivers them to your site to make a purchase.

Make a Website Banner

Our experienced website designers understand what you need for a successful banner ad. They know how big to make it, whether a leaderboard or skyscraper is best, and how to design it to gain the most attention. Call us today for more information about our website banner design services.

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