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Website Usability

Internet users want a lot out of your website. Not only do they want information, products, and services, they want to find those things quickly and easily. A website that provides what visitors seek in an easy, quick way is considered to have good usability. To know if your website usability is up to standards, consider this website usability checklist.

Website Usability Standards Checklist

When assessing usability for your site, answer these questions:

  • Where am I right now?
  • Where have I been on the site?
  • Where can I go from here?

You and your website visitors can answer these questions without difficulty if your site has these factors.

Consistency: The navigation system on your site is displayed on every page and has the same format. When this is untrue, visitors become frustrated when they have to figure out how to use a different navigation system for each page they visit.

Links: Include links throughout your site to other pages. These links should use text that makes sense. Visitors don’t want to click on a link unless they know for sure where it’s going to take them. When you want visitors to click on a link that takes them to the contact form, make the text say “contact form.”

Design: Text links and basic design of your site needs to be clear, attractive, and useful to your visitors. Javascript can do even more with your links making them much nicer looking and helpful to your visitors. CSS can turn plain text into something that appears as though it pops off the screen. With background colors, text color and other visual techniques, your website’s usability increases.

Testing Your Website’s Usability

Simple website usability testing can help determine if you need to improve your site. Ask web visitors by having a survey available. Providing an incentive for completing the survey can help motivate them to complete it.

You can also simply ask people you know to provide feedback about your site’s usability. They can tell you if they have any problems with navigation.

If these two options don’t work for you, contact us! We have website specialists who can perform a website usability test. They can tell you how it can be improved, and complete the tasks for you quickly.

The faster you improve the usability of your site, the quicker you’ll start to see more web visitors staying on your site and buying from it. Contact us today for more information about our website usability services.

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