Digital marketing in the USA, a software development IT company


Case study: digital marketing in the USA, a software development IT company


Digital marketing in the USA, a software development IT company


Solution Mentors is a privately held consulting company with over 15 years of Information Technology experience. It focuses on providing top-notch dedicated development teams, custom software development, QA and software testing, cloud migrations, managed operations, many more.
The company currently hires over 100 employees located in 3 hubs in Ukraine and an office in Los Angeles. No matter how much the company grows as an organization, it always keeps in mind its client’s best interests. With development facilities in the US and Ukraine, the company provides clients with exceptional service, lower costs, and the ability to work 24/7.

Our team has worked on the promotion of the IT company website in the US market, increasing traffic, on-page, and out-page SEO.




Monitoring a niche and competitors
Detailed analysis of the site and competitors. Identifying the target audience
Increasing traffic, attracting targeted visitors
Unique content for category, filters, and service pages. Out-page SEO.
On-page SEO
Elimination of technical errors of the website: duplicate pages, 404, 500 errors. Distributing semantics, creating meta tags for landing pages, setting up the generation of meta tags for filter and landing pages. Innerlinking
Out-page SEO
Crowd marketing, article submission on thematic websites, industry websites.
Website loading speed
Optimization of the website code, graphics, loading JS scripts, and website styles.


5 applications per month in Los Angeles
Increase in organic traffic by 70%

Optimization for Google Page Speed:


How our services contribute to the success