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Email Marketing

Do you need a new way to market your business? You may be missing a marketing method that could be the most successful – email marketing.

E-mail marketing is more effective than you probably believe.

  • 44% of email recipients report they made at least one purchase last year because of a promotional email they received.
  • Marketers sending promotional emails on Mondays have seen the highest revenue per email.
  • 27% of consumers would like more email correspondences from their favorite companies.

Most of your competitors are using an email marketing strategy.

  • In 2013, 56% of businesses report they were going to increase their use of mail marketing.

As you can see, email is an effective form of marketing. You should consider it for your business. It is just another way to get your consumers to come to your website to make a purchase. It’s also another way for consumers to share your brand with their friends, family, and acquaintances.

What Makes the Best Email Marketing?

Emails need to capture recipients’ attention. The first thing they see is the subject line. For this reason, make it worthy of a click to your consumers. Many companies use the words money, revenue, and profit in their subject lines because they receive the most opens and click-throughs. Those words may not work for your consumers. It’s important to think about what motivates your email recipients. What do they want from your company?

When consumers click on the email, that’s when the design matters. Email newsletters need to look attractive. They must be clear, organized, and give your consumers the information they want and need. When you find out the type of email newsletter your consumers enjoy the most, you will succeed in email marketing.

Not a designer? No problem

We have experienced email newsletter designers available. They will listen to what you believe your consumers want in an email, and then design a newsletter you can be proud of. You’ll be able to see the draft, request changes, so we can make the changes that will make you the happiest.

Let’s get started on your email marketing strategy today! Contact us via email or phone for more information.

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