Reputation management on for a doctor from New Jersey

Case study: reputation management on for a doctor from New Jersey


Reputation management on for a doctor from New Jersey

The search engine marketing agency Semantic Empires actively cooperate with companies and individuals managing the online reputation effectively. In moving towards the American market, the agency willingly implements complex projects.

One of them was online reputation management for a medical expert in private practice – N (for ethical, technical, and commercial reasons, we never provide the names of clients for whom we do reputation management). He had a bad experience in his practice, which put an end to further work in this direction. The situation was aggravated by the presence of official protocols of proceedings and descriptions of our client’s misconduct on the web. By the way, N changed his occupation, starting practice in his second specialty. But the tarnished reputation made it difficult to promote a new business: with each search result regarding N, the search engine, first, showed negative information.

The Semantic Empires agency was tasked with displacing negative information from the TOP 20 search results. It was necessary to create and bring to the TOP 20 an array of relevant pages for a specific keyword, containing positive relevant information.
As a result of the active work of the agency’s specialists, the negative information regarding the client was pushed out of the TOP 20. After that, the positive pages are supported and, accordingly, the containment of unnecessary information below the position agreed with the client.



Basic optimization of the client's site (on-page and out-page SEO)
Optimization of existing pages and social media accounts
Creation of a large number of new client pages on world-famous social networks
Regular updating of information on all pages (new and old)
Active management of social media accounts

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