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Testo SE & Co. KGaA (Germany) has been producing measuring instruments since 1957. Testo devices have been used in Ukraine since 1989. Consumers successfully use a wide range of Testo devices: thermal imagers, gas analyzers, moisture meters, leak detectors, anemometers, pressure switches, thermometers, loggers, pH meters, pyrometers, sound level meters, lux meters, and others.
The website version is quite old. Its history on the web dates back to 2003. But the site just existed, no one was involved in its optimization and marketing.

After a thorough site analysis by internal and external factors, analysis of search results and competitors, the semantic core of the site was built and distributed, and an action plan was chosen.




Detailed site analysis
On-page SEO, site structure, indicators.
Increasing traffic, attracting targeted visitors
Writing competent texts for category pages and product pages with the involvement of company employees, because the topic is specific. Out-page SEO.
On-page SEO
Elimination of technical errors of the website: duplicate pages, 404, 500 errors, distributing semantics, creating meta tags for landing pages, setting up the generation of meta tags for a category and product pages, correct robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
Out-page SEO
Crowd marketing, article submission on thematic websites, social networks.
Website loading speed
Optimization of CMS code, graphics, loading JS scripts, website styles, and their combination.


Reaching the TOP 10 50% keywords for 2 months
Appearance in Google personalized search results 95% of promoted keywords
This is organic traffic from search engines. It is important for any website because it is about long-term results, new customers, and an increase in sales. This indicator was achieved due to competent on-page and out-page SEO.
Page depth increased by 17%
This is the average number of website page views by users per visit. It is important for ranking the site and staying ahead of the competition.
Dwell time increased by 20%
Increasing dwell time indicates the interest of the user. Search engines take this factor into account and accordingly rank such websites well.
Average page load speed 713мс
Website loading is a very important parameter in technical website optimization. Websites that load faster receive fewer bounces from users, and therefore rank higher.

Organic traffic growth:


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