Promotion of a software outsourcing company website

Case study: promotion of a software outsourcing company website


Promotion of a software outsourcing company website


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We started working on the website in February 2019 and carried out a number of successful works, including attracting traffic and improving search results.




Competitor analysis
Detailed analysis of the site and competitors: backlinks, on-page SEO, site structure, indicators.
Increase in traffic, attraction of targeted visitors
Unique content for category, filter and landing pages
On-page SEO
Elimination of technical errors of the website, distribution of semantics, creating meta tags for landing pages, setting up the generation of meta tags for filter and landing pages, correct robots.txt and sitemap.xml files.
Out-page SEO
Crowd marketing, article submission on thematic websites, industry websites.
Increasing the statistical weight of the internal website pages.


Reaching the TOP 10 on 55 % (85 keywords) for 3 months
Increase in organic traffic by 70%
This is organic traffic from search engines. It is important for any website because it is about long-term results, new customers, and an increase in sales. This indicator was achieved due to competent on-page and out-page SEO.
Optimization for Google PageSpeed 83/100
This is an overall indicator of the technical website optimization as measured by Google tests. A good score is considered to be from 80 points. It is important for website ranking and keeping ahead of the competition.
Dwell time increased by 30%
Increasing dwell time indicates the interest of the user. Search engines take this factor into account and accordingly rank such websites well.
Avarage page load speed 2,63с
Website loading is a very important parameter in technical website optimization. Websites that load faster receive fewer bounces from users, and therefore rank higher.

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