What To Do If Your Google Adwords Account Is Suspended

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What To Do If Your Google Adwords Account Is Suspended

google adwords suspended bannedAs far as online services go, Google Adwords is by far one of the most profitable for businesses. By setting up ads on their pages, they can increase traffic and revenue without having to do a whole lot on the backend. The service can be invaluable, which is why it can also be devastating if your account is suspended. If that happens, you may think the worst, but fortunately, companies like SemEmpires know exactly what to do if your Adwords account has suspended service. Let’s look at the causes and solutions to this problem: 

Why is my Account Suspended?

There are a few reasons that Google will put sanctions on your account, and many times people are unaware that they are doing anything wrong. Fortunately, that means that unless you did something with malicious intent, you should be able to find Adwords account suspended solutions with companies like SemEmpires. Here is the list of reasons that Google may impose sanctions: 

  • Your site violates Adwords policies
  • Your site puts users at risk
  • You failed to make a payment
  • Your account is similar to another closed account 

What Options do I Have?

Unless you are running some kind of scam on your site or have threatened legal action against Google, you can most likely get your account back on track. Sem Empires uses a comprehensive strategy to assess your situation, figure out exactly why your Google Adwords account has suspended service, and how to fix the problem. In many cases, the solution is simple and straightforward so you should be able to get back online in no time. 

If your site is suspended by Google Adwords, don’t stress and don’t think that you cannot rectify the situation. Even if you accidentally violated the terms of service, you can still get reconsidered for active status. Let Sem Empires do all of the heavy liftings for you, so you can get your site up and running again in no time.