Who captured 20 percent of all clicks

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Who captured 20 percent of all clicks

20% of all times when somebody clicks a drop-out, this goes to any of the five following websites – Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia, YouTube or Facebook.

Such a tendency leaves nearly eighty percent of search clicks for us.

If we study this issue more in details, we can observe that the top five hundred sites got nearly fifty percent of all clicks from drop-outs. The top 10,000 web resources received barely one-third of all clicks.

These are the data from 2013 Digital Marketer Report made by Experian Marketing Services.


The company reports that the 5 websites, I named above, combined for getting 20.07 percent of all possible clicks from such American search engines as Bing, Google and others in the 4th quarter of 2012. Most clicks – nearly 8.5 percent – were received by Facebook. The other websites declined to Amazon’s 1.4 percent.

Search clicks

This list ought not to be so much surprising. After all, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon and YouTube were all among Experian’s most famous search terms in 2012.

Some words about paid clicks

What concerns paid search clicks, things are nearly the same. Experian claims that the top ten sites captured nearly 16% of all paid clicks in search engines. The top five hundred received 56%.
Amazon is at the top of all resources which receive traffic from paid clicks. eBay is a close second.

Paid clicks